Day 22 Gale Storm Force 10

The weather was the worst yet. It was raining so hard the track was more like a river! Walking as a gale was blowing was interesting too. The path took me through lots of abandoned tin mines and if the weather had been better the views would have been dramatic. Long walk about 13 miles and strenuous towards the end, when you least want it. Also had to skirt around MOD land where they were growing lots of crops ( perhaps stock piling for a nuclear disaster?) arrived at Portreath late afternoon. Great that Andy was there to give me a lift back to the B&B absolute luxury.


5 thoughts on “Day 22 Gale Storm Force 10

  1. OMG! The sound of the storm is unbelievable …..
    Hope you are healing ok . You take very good care out there my love. ❤️So glad you have met up with Andy too . Relax and have a few beers. 🍻 Crazy weather still with you I think……. Hugs ️Xxx


  2. My admiration for your resilience and perseverance grows by the day. Enjoying reading your blog. Saw Verity last week on a boat trip from Penarth in Wales to Lundy Island which went via Ilfracombe, amazing statue. Hope the weather improves soon. Linda xx

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  3. Just a thought I have been writing on your blog and am now wondering if they have got thru! I have seen Neenas reply and Sheila’s, that is what made me wonder. If you are getting them great, good that Andy is with you best time for it. I went to Darby for a 10 mile walk, one person said oh nice pub over there just 5 miles in and that’s we ended up, no more miles after that, lovely company, but I now feel heavier than when I started, naughty. Our weather was great up until the pub stop then rain at 4. Go girl x

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