Day 21 Sunshine after the fall

After  the sleep of the dead in Newquay I caught the bus from Treyarnon to Newquay and then had an easy walk from the harbour to Perranporth. There was a few sharp showers but soon the sun came out. I had just walked across Crantock Beach when a …….Cornish stone in the middle of the path decided to trip me up. As I was going down hill with a rucksack on my back and walking poles I did not do a good job of saving myself. Especially as another Cornish stone was waiting at head height to meet my mouth & nose! Bit of a nose bleed. No lost teeth but a bruised mouth and chest! After wet wipes and some reassuring words from some dog walkers I carried on. The rest of the afternoon was spent in gorgeous sunshine across some beautiful stretches of beach. Also guest house lovely so as they say that’s all good then


3 thoughts on “Day 21 Sunshine after the fall

  1. Oh dear, but it sounds as before you are good at bouncing back from falling, well done you. I love Crantovk beach, I have spent many days and nights staying on that beach many years ago. Glad you had some sunshine looks good for today, we are rain sodden here. I have been bitten on my lower leg and after working a night it has swollen up, I was hoping for a Darbyshire walk tomorrow, so piriton and nurofen plus plus plus, fingers crossed I can make it.
    So my little upset is nothing compared to your many walks and bad foot not too mention falls!
    So crack on girl less than a week to go, looking forward to seeing back in northampton x

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