Day 20 No walking

Unfortunately another wet day. Woke up feeling unwell. Probably overtired as I had n’t slept much. Walked round to Constantine Bay. Then the bus to Newquay. On the way I had a phone call from Luggage Transfer who said I was n’t booked in to my B&B ! I then had to spend my time trolling round Newquay in the rain. I eventually found a place but it was for two so a bit pricy. After I had booked in it was too late to walk. I fell asleep for about 4 hours so I must have needed it. 

Back to walking tomorrow to Perranporth.


One thought on “Day 20 No walking

  1. You obviously needed the sleep and walking in the rain is certainly no fun, I did one day full on in Scotland that was enough. On the brighter side you hopefully will be full of beans for today! We on the other hand did a 6 mile walk in hot conditions, a black cloud came over dropped 3 minutes of raindrops on us which was quite nice, then back to bright sun. Bummy re the accomadation that happened to us many years ago in Newquay we ended up in a place like faulty towers, memorable if nothing else.
    Terrible news re the plane crash in Sussex the poor pilot is still alive, it killed 7 people, tragic. I am just off to riverside can life get any more exciting, Carly needs a computer for her course. But the sun is still shinning, the last sunny day for a little while, I am working tonight so I hope for a busying nite just so it doesn’t drag. Hope today goes well. X

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