Day 19 Will it ever stop raining and some silly thoughts

i left from Treyarnon for a 13 mile walk but in the end it was about 15. So legs are tired tonight. It has rained most of the day which is getting a bit predictable. Felt a little homesick today for the first time. Just wanted to get into my own bed instead of an uncomfortable bunk bed. The walk was moderately hard and I added a little bit more byclimbing up and down to Porth Beach when I could n’t get out.

 I caught a bus nearly back to the YHA just the last mile & half to walk. It’s too much when you have finished but the hostel came into site at last! Whilst I was walking I thought  about a couple of silly things: firstly what good is gorse and shingle on a steep descent? One serves to make you slip over and the other scratches your legs on the way down.  

The second thing I pondered was; why do people who walk their dogs in the countryside pick up the dogs poo and put it in a bag. You would say this is fair enough but; when there isn’t a bin, they then proceed to hang it on a post or barbedwire! Will it decompose better in the bag? Stupid thoughts but when the rain and mist come you need to occupy your mind somehow.


2 thoughts on “Day 19 Will it ever stop raining and some silly thoughts

  1. Hi hanging the bag obviously is lazyness, but on the plus side you don’t walk on it and take it with you on your footwear! if I could be the poo police people would take it with them. People would be up in arms if you let your child poo where dogs do.
    You are doing so well it must be a bit of a downer now Jayne and Gez have gone. Chin up only another is it 9days. I certainly would suffer re the bed bit. Nite nite sleep titex

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  2. Exhaustion and missing the company and good weather ….!!! Hang on in there sweetie. You have achieved so much and Andy will be with you soon! Hugs😘😘


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