Day 18 Bye bye to friends or not quite

Had another lovely evening at B&B want to adopt the two people who own it; they were so welcoming. Jayne & Gez picked me up after they packed their tent away and then we dropped the evil backpack at Treyarnon Hostel. Then back to Trevone to start my walk. We said our goodbyes and I set off in a heavy downpour. As I came round they bay I realised I was at Harland which is where Jayne & Gez were heading. This was where they had brought Jessica for her first holiday when she was only a few months old. I needed to stop to use the loo, and who should I see through the window but Gerald. So I poked him with my walking pole and joined them for a drink! Finally we parted. A big thank you to them both for helping me out so much in the past few weeks – company, taxi and laundry service.

The walk was easy today so I arrived at the hostel with plenty of time to settle in. It is right on the beach and the tide is coming in. Just shame it’s not a sunny evening but you cannot have everything. 


One thought on “Day 18 Bye bye to friends or not quite

  1. Good on them being there for you, glad is was an easier day, you need a few of those, not long now, hope the foot is going well, we did a six mile walk today in 25degrees very hard work. You are doing so well. 🎏🎈x


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