Day 16 Sunny walk to Polzeath

It was another beautiful sunny day and it would have been good to set off early, but there was n’t a bus from Tintagel until just past 10am, so with a change in Camelford I did n’t start walking until 11.30am. Port Issac was absolutely heaving with people who were visiting the home of ‘Doc Martin’. ( this one had passed me by) It was lovely walking toward Port Quinn with crystal blue sea and sky. 

I decided to only walk to Polzeath instead of Padstow otherwise I would miss the bus connection again. However when I got to Polzeath bay I remembered that Gez & Jayne were camping there. Low and behold there was Jayne walking across the beach toward me! It was great to catch up again and they dropped me back to my B&B at Pendoggett. End of good weather for a few days so on go the waterproofs. 


3 thoughts on “Day 16 Sunny walk to Polzeath

  1. Hi Sharon, how fab to meet up with Jayne and Gez, especial being nicer weather. I went on a 7 mile walk today that was plenty with a lager at the end and fairly level.
    Then the rain came later onto the washing, the problems us stay at homes have.
    Saw a good drama last night it was about special needs parents and how they are monitored when a child is involved good story line and acting. Your Passion flower you gave to me is going great guns I just need a bit of inspiration to make my garden a little bit more characterful, is that a proper word?
    Well I hope tomorrow is not too wet, do they having drying rooms, they had them in Scotland, no matter how we always got a bit damp.
    Best feet forward x😎

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  2. Hi Sharon Finally managed to catch up with your blog. Sounds great but with a few unexpected issues about finally getting to lay down your head for the night! What a mixed bag of weather but to be expected. The scenery sounds beautiful. We camped for lots of years in Crackington so very envious! Well done for helping up with the blog! Xx


  3. Hope you are managing to dodge the weather my love. Solent weather has been very weird!
    Just received post from Plymouth. Many thanks 😘I am not alone then….!!
    Not too long to meet up with A. Have fab time together.
    N 😘😘


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