Day 15 I musta be getting fitter 

I walked from Tintagel to Port Issac today – the book said severe so I braced myself for a hard day. It was extremely hot which made it more challenging but I managed far easier than some of the challenging sections iI did in week 1. Do n’t  get me wrong I huffed & puffed but apart from an extremely sheer down section I managed it ok. 

My phone is also working again so I was able to have two pleasant conversations along the way; one to wish Jayne a happy birthday & the other from Trish who was checking I had n’t fallen off the edge of any cliffs! It was the usual saga on the buses at the end so I had missed the connection at Camelford for Tintagel. I also found I did not have enough change for the bus journey. A very kind woman gave me the 60p necessary. She just said people had done the same for her in the past. Lovely. On the bus I got into conversation with a man called Simon who had walked the same part of the coast as me and was also in need of getting to Tintagel. So when we got to Camelford we shared a taxi between three as another man needed a lift so we paid a fiver each to get back. Result!


2 thoughts on “Day 15 I musta be getting fitter 

  1. You hear a lot of negativity re people not caring, just in that short time you met 4 people who did care. Most people are kind just a bit shy. As to the the walk good on you, I love walking but I really am unsure I could walk for a month.
    I am off to work today to see if there are any kind people in Northampton I am sure I will find one or two. It’s a bit cooler here today, almost cardi waeather.😎
    Keep on keeping on x


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