Day 14 Crackington Haven to Tintagel

Annie and the dogs walked the first couple of miles with me which was great. I then carried on to Boscastle. God it was hard work. Some of the ups & downs were extremely steep. Crossed the highest part of the Cornish section of the path. Warm & sunny by the afternoon. Stunning scenery. Met a few people on the way. One man who has been walking since 1974!  ( not literally) He was just walking to Biscastle and back for his Sunday stroll! He di it in half the time it took me and I think he must be well into his sixties. 

On to Tintagel, again very pretty views. When I got there it usually takes me ages to find the B&B but as I walked up the road there it was. Result. Apparently today’s walk is severe to Port Issac so I will need to get started sooner rather than later.


5 thoughts on “Day 14 Crackington Haven to Tintagel

  1. That’s the only bit of the coast walk that I have done, very hard.
    Fancy somebody in their sixties being able to do it, my o my!
    We calandra girls managed a 3mile walk on Saturday thought of you😎.
    So sorry I couldn’t join you but logistically not able. But if or when you do the Second half I would love to join for a week but with lots of time to plan. So next year would contain perhaps Glastonbury, the fringe and the coastal walk so far.
    Presumimg the foot is better and obviously the gods are on your side, managing to get that car lift, do have a good one today, we are behind you in our thoughts, my legs ache at the thought. X Joan


  2. Over halfway and still going well….. Fantastic! 👏 Take good care and hope today is not too challenging!! Hugs N 👍xx


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