Day 14 half way but not quite

I admitted defeat today and I am going to miss out a couple of stages so I can get back on track. One, because I wanted to spend a day with my Annie, Mick & Nigel in Crackington Haven and secondly it is getting too difficult with public transport to get to my B&B’s ( not good planning on my part!) So tomorrow I will start from Crackington Haven & walk to to Tintagel. That’s  where I am staying  tomorrow night. Instead of ending up 25 miles away from where I should be. It should be a strenuous then moderate walk and take about 6 hours. Upto this point I have done about 110 miles+ the few detours. So I am more or less on track to finish at the end of August.

We had a lovely relaxed day; took the dogs for a walk and then went into the magnificent Atlantic, crashing waves and an under current that could take you off your feet. Exhilarating, but we really needed a wet suit & body board. 

Annie  is walking with me out of the valley tomorrow, then on too see King Arthur and return my lucky stone? 


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