Day 12 Walking in the rain

It had been forecast for torrential rain, thunderstorms and floods, but after being dropped off by Tom I set off toward the coast and soon needed to take my waterproofs off as I was so hot. I managed about nearly half the walk until the heavens opened and it started to pour & pour. It stayed like that for the rest of the walk. I stopped of in a place called Bucks Mills at a local shop come post office and met the most disagreeable Antipodean woman, who had obviously got out the wrong side of bed. Unfortunately I could n’t ‘let it lie’ and after she had given me a mouthful of abuse I told her she was the most uptight cow I had ever met (not my finest hour!) After I left the shop I spoke to Lauren on the phone and ended up blubbing.  Who is supposed to be the mum!

On from there for another five miles though very soggy muddy woods until I got to Clovelly village which is very picturesque. Had a lovely meal & a glass of wine to return the equilibrium; and so back for an early night. Catching up with Annie tomorrow in Crackington Haven. 


3 thoughts on “Day 12 Walking in the rain

  1. good for you for sticking to your guns and telling her the truth, best way to treat a bully.
    sorry you’re getting wet I hope the sun does come out for you
    Trish x (cousin)


  2. Glad to hear your tenacity is coming through and no stupid woman is putting you off track, your doing so well – brilliant x


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