11  Instow – Bideford – Westward Ho + Not such a warm welcome

Jayne & Gez kindly dropped me off back at Instow and dropped the monster off in Clovelly; I then had a lovely sunny morning walking to Bideford. It was lovely to see a familiar place. We had some good times with Vic & Mark in Bideford when they lived there. I spoke to a lovely gent called Graham in a pub on the front and he gave me some good advice on where to walk. However, after making some phone calls, going to the Tourist Information for a bus timetable, and having a bit of lunch I had been in Bideford for about an hour and a half. Obviously in the intervening time I had forgotten what he said! So, I spent another hour wandering up and down a housing estate and when I finally looked up the road. I was still in sight of the bridge! 

Anyway I finally made it away from Bideford but I was running late. Appledore is very pretty especially by the quay. Then at ound the corner to Westward Ho!. By this time of course I had missed the connection in Bideford for Clovelly. (there is no direct service) So taxi it was.!

When I arrived at (flower cottage, will keep its identity to myself) It’s all antimacassars and having to ring the door bell when you you come back. And make sure you put your dirty shoes in the plastic tray.  Anyway after a lovely shower I decided to go for a walk. I was met by grumpy owner who said I should n’t go out as it would be dark soon and there are n’t  any street lights, plus it’s over a Kilometre!  I wanted to say I have just walked 85 miles! But I did n’t , but needless to say I went for a walk down to Clovelly. Into the dark with a torch. When I got back I met the opposite to grumpy woman – lovely man, who offered me a lift in the morning back to Westward Ho! For the price of a bus ticket. Brilliant chalk & cheese !?


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