Day 10 up & back and going nowhere + family memories

Had company for the whole walk yesterday. Jayne & I did from Braunton to Barnstaple then on to Instow. We did about 14 miles but it was flat and a lot was on cycle track. We got taught cycle path etiquete as a woman nearly ran us over as she shouted ‘keep to the left’! For a lot of the walk ther was little scenary as we were between hedges. We had lunch in Barnstaple with Gez who had been sampling the delights of the charity shops there. We also saw a kingfisher as we got into the town, fishing from an old rusty post. It was beautiful. 

By late afternoon we were nearing our destination at Instow and the surroundings had become much more interesting. The estuary was filling fast and the wide sky was dramatic. When we looked across the water there was Braunton about a ten minute boat ride away!  So we had walked for miles but gone nowhere!

My cousin Graeme rang as we had arranged to meet us back in Barnstaple but because it was far prettier where we were at Instow they decided to drive on and meet us there. We had a lovely meal in a place called, The Boat House. It was great to catch up with Graeme, Michael & Ros. One of the topics of conversation was  the Old Black Lion in Giles St Northampton, now the Wig & Pen. It seemed we had all had some good memories of the place at different eras ranging from the 60’s to the 80’s. The night was soon over and when we came out there was a stunning sunset. On tomorrow to Bideford & Westward Ho. Lovely


3 thoughts on “Day 10 up & back and going nowhere + family memories

  1. It all sounds perfect despite the occasional hiccup 👍 Glad you managed to vault (?!) the barbed wire (private indeed!! 😡) . Fab you met up with J&G and family. Clean underwear too….. !! Hugs 😘


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