Day 9 I did n’t realise I could think so much about sand + meeting up with good friends

It was pouring with rain so I waited for the storm to pass. I spent a bit of time stroking the lovely hand reared pet goat, Norman at the Lodge. When I did set off for Braunton I went across the sand dunes, heading away from Croyde. Unfortunately I lost the waterproof cover off my backpack as I scrambled through a load of brambles. As I was walking over the sand dunes it occurred to me, that wet sand is lovely to walk in when your wearing boots but it’s the walkers’ worst nightmare if it gets inside the boots. ( sorry boring ). 

When I eventually picked up the coastal path it said 9 miles which seemed a long way when I could practically see Braunton around the bay. How wrong I was, it was a long way mainly due to the enormous private golf course; surrounded by barbed wire, with no public right way across it. I walked for miles until I at last got fed up of walking round the edge; so I put my jacket on the barbed wire and got did an inelegant tumble over it and back onto the path. When I got to to Braunton I realised the B&B was just round the corner from where I changed buses the other day. It is a lovely place with a super king size bed I could sleep widthways in its so wide.

Jayne & Gez had kept intouch with me through the day so I met them at the local pub. Jayne organised me annd I did my washing in the laundrette as it was on the same street as the B&B. Gez was a bit overcome by my big walking pants!  Anyway j& G treated me to a lovely meal in a fish restaurant with a bottle of wine. Beautiful. Off to Barnstaple tomorrow and a bit further. I apologise to the people of Barnstaple as I have been calling it Barnstable! Also meeting my cousins in the evening which will be great. 


3 thoughts on “Day 9 I did n’t realise I could think so much about sand + meeting up with good friends

  1. Boring in Northampton without you! Tumbling over barbed wire at your age? Sounds like the great escape. Lovely to be with Jayne and Gerald though. Enjoy the company. Xxx


  2. Go Sharon!!!!! Love reading your blog . . . barbed wire incident just what I would expect . . you won’t be beaten!
    Good on Jayne ‘getting you sorted’ . . . a girl needs clean nicks, just in case . . lol


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