Day 8 foot falling off and cool surfing dude

Woke up with a very swollen right foot today. Not sure if it’s all the walking or an infection, had a very funny square of red skin across the back of my leg. Is it going to fall off I wonder. Felt a bit sick so gave the swim & sauna a miss which was a shame. Did the return journeys on the two buses and looked for a local chemist but to no avail, people here can not be ill on a Sunday! 

I arrived At Baggy Lodge by 3pm as I did n’t walk. A lovely girl called Tash in a strong Australian accent asked me if I was here to ‘SERFF’ I replied walking was enough, thanks. I am staying in Bondi dorm in case any of you cool surfers are interested!!! It’s really hippy dude here, with a full size skeleton sitting at the table and a dog skeleton waiting to pounce. ( I don’t think there is a dark, dark cellar, but who knows)!

It’s a bit of a dark stormy night to add to the atmosphere. Braunton tomorrow, then meeting Jane & Gez.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 foot falling off and cool surfing dude

  1. Sounds scary sweetie. 😱
    Many of us talk about what we will do but you are DOING IT sweetie!! Fabulous 😀👍
    Shame about the sauna…..
    Take good care of yourself and your poorly feet 👣
    Hugs xx


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