Day 6 Lead with your chest

Ended  up spending a night on my own in the dorm, so I used two quilts to give my bed some padding. Slept soundly, so set off early. Had a breakfast in a lovely cafe;  there was a stag party having breakfast before the big day. They were having a wedding down at Tunnels Beach where I went yesterday. It’s a Victorian pleasure beach, not far from the retirement home I am trying to persuade some friends to buy!! Well perhaps!!

I walked to Lee Bay which was beautiful, again they said it was a Victorian Walk. ( I wouldn’t like to have walked in a bustle and crinolines. Then on to Bull Point, Mortenhoe & Morte Point. As Sandra said I need to lead with my chest, as it makes it easier. It has taken me a few days but I think I am getting the hang of it. It could even cure me of my round shoulders after 56 years! Watch out for the new me coming soon!! 

I arrived in Woolacome in the late afternoon in the brilliant sunshine. Thank god for cucumber wipes as the sweat was dripping into my eyes!! Woolacombe was like being in a metropolis. I then went on to Trimstone Manor Hotel which is like going from the ridiculous to the sublime, it is ver posh but lovely with peacocks running around the garden. I have had a lovely meal and feel vey pampered. On to Croyde tomorrow. Still loving it


2 thoughts on “Day 6 Lead with your chest

  1. keep those shoulders back!!! hope you are taking some fantastic pictures. How about a picture show when you come back, and talk about your experiences, we can do a buffett and wine and charge for tickets, have a raffle etc…even more money for your charity xxx I’m in 🙂


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