Day 2 F & B in the Woods & on the Cliffs

An easy start today, as I got a lift from Janna’s husband to Porlock Weir. They are a lovely couple I am just sorry because of the mix up I didn’t get to stay with them. Day 2’s walking was much more punishing than yesterday. I was going to Lynmouth which was 11 miles, but with detours, due to taking the wrong paths I did about 14! Plus, had a very inauspicious start, because after being pointed in the right direction for the coastal path between the two pubs at Porlock Weir I spent the next 15 minutes walking round the pub garden. Eventually pushing my way into somebody wood shed! 

Finally,  I realised my mistake and set off. I then came across some very puzzled German walkers who had thought I was way ahead of them and had to explain what I had done ! It was then two hours of walking up hill from the Weir. I was on my own and all I could here was the sound of my heavy  breathing and flys buzzing around my sweaty head! Gross. Even worse I had to resort to the very handy lip balm, Jayne gave me, to reduce further chaffing of the thighs !!!!!! I then descended into the woods which cover the coastal path round here. I kept swearing at the amount of flys around me; it was like one of those scenes out of a comic book when the flys buzz around the smelly kid! Anyway  I pulled my hat down and kept going. 

With about 4 miles to go I got a bit lost and ended up at a dead end next to a beautiful light house, but again my language was ripe. From there I had to climb a steep cliff face with lots of loose stones, which I found hair raising,! I kept repeating “its ok Shaz you are nearly f….. there.” ” There better not be another climb over this f…… ridge!!!!!”

Anyway down into Lynmouth and found a beautiful room waiting for me and my evily heavy rucksack had made the journey successfully. The best part was a massive bath I could sink into.

 Apparently, 15 miles tomorrow over little & big hanging something! X


5 thoughts on “Day 2 F & B in the Woods & on the Cliffs

  1. Well done Sharon, we are proud of you, sounds amazing sorry to hear you haven’t managed to buy some Vaseline yet !! X


  2. You will soon get used to it Sharon, keep looking up and lead with chest. Makes it easier believe it or not. Lots of love. Xxx


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