Day 1 -Eventful


Finally arrived in Minehead after nine hours with the monster pack from hell, so a little weary! All the connections were delayed so I missed the bus in Bridgewater and had to go onto Taunton and then catch the slowest bus ever from there! The last part of the journey from Bridgewater took about 4 hours. Anyway despite our useless transport system I had an interesting journey.. In Birmingham a lovely old gent came up to me and nodded to the pack and said “Some weight there, you could have been a coal miner”

When we finally got on the Cross country train from Bristol Temple Meades there were so many people who had been travelling from up north it was a proper sharabang, with little Deckland running up & down the carriage delivering butties, crisps & drinks to the rest of his family. After waiting another hour for the…

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