Day 1 -Eventful

Finally  arrived in Minehead after nine hours with the monster pack from hell, so a little weary! All the connections were delayed so I missed the bus in Bridgewater and had to go onto Taunton and then catch the slowest bus ever from there! The last part of the journey from Bridgewater took about 4 hours. Anyway despite our useless transport system I had an interesting journey.. In Birmingham a lovely old gent came up to me and nodded to the pack and said “Some weight there, you could have been a coal miner” 

When we finally got on the Cross country  train from Bristol Temple Meades there were so many people who had been travelling from up north it was a proper sharabang, with little Deckland running up & down the carriage delivering butties, crisps & drinks to the rest of his family. After waiting another hour for the connection to Taunton, I just missed the bus by three minutes, but got into a good conversation with a young  man called Theo who was on his way to see his girlfriend who was a dancer doing a summer season at Butlins in Minehead. He said it was n’t as good as Paris but at least the sun was shinning.

As I was going to be really late I gave the B&B I was staying at a ring, to let them know; only to be told that they didn’t have a reservation for me! Tears were starting to form, but after a chat they realised they had confirmed it with me but then double booked. Jenna kindly found me other accommodation near her place and said she would pay the difference! So now I am in a posh hotel with a billiard room, bar etc and a room with a beautiful king size bed and lovely ensuite. So all well that ends well. quick venture into Minehead for some food & then to back for an early night. Interesting first day 


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